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The deadly Covid-19 has changed the entire way of working. As India tries to flatten the COVID-19 curve, and people are now preparing back to their daily routine, maintaining a safe, healthy and hygiene environment has become a preference. Workspace cleaning and sanitization should be prioritized to ensure employees health and protection.

Irise Disinfection Services  has designed a vast range of services to protect you against Covid-19, following the government advisory for the workplace. Our professional and experienced Team use the highly efficient way of disinfection of workplaces with the latest technologies and techniques according to your workplace need. We have designed our services and offering to ensure the safety of your premises and employee, without any direct contact.

Our Offerings

Disinfection Service

-We use Cold Fogging method along with biocides & fungicides to counter the effects of pathogenic bacterial & viral infection

– It will carry out to control airborne contagion.

– We ensure uniform dispersion by using Pulverised Ultra Low Volume” machine.

                     Key Advantage:

Complete contagion of a wide area within 120-150 minute.

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Deep Purification, Sterilization & Disinfection Services

Our purification, sterilization & disinfection services ensure a safe and hygienic experience for you using Industry best Chemicals which sanitizes and are Government Apprroved .

                        Key advantage:

A proven method to remove germs, dust mites and pathogens in a short time of 3 hours.

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Protective Equipment Supplies

All our workforce are well trained and uses Medical Approved Grade PPE during the service period . The PPE helps in stopping the cross contamination of any viral spread of diseases .

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Once the Covid-19 and lockdown are over, workplace hygiene and employee wellness will become the priority for each organization and industries.

Maintain the at least 2-meter social distancing while walking, talking or sitting with anyone.

  • Maintain the proper distance in washrooms and use the separate hand wash.
  • Put face masks in common rooms, cafeteria, and any gathering places.
  • Make sure to sanitize your hand before and after touching any door handle, doing biometric punching.
  • Do not forget to dispose of all used masks and used tissues in the dustbin.
  • If you are not feeling well, stay at home, avoid to get in touch with anyone. Eat and sleep separately from other home members.
  • Frequently use sanitizer to wash your hand and your belongings.
  • Regularly clean work surfaces and objects, such as phones and computer keyboards.
  • Avoid food parcels or boxes, if it is required, then please sanitize them before keeping in your bags or workstations.
  • Avoid sharing your food and drink with anyone.


In the battle against this pandemic, Irise belief that proper sanitization and disinfection of premises should be a supreme priority

  • Pest Management Services
  • Residential Cleaning Services
  • Washroom Hygiene Services
  • Specialized Disinfection Services
  • Workplace Sanitization Services
  • Integrated Facility Managent Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently we should avail these services?

 Though its depend on your organization and employee size, we recommend for weekly Fumigation and sanitization.

How much time the fumigation process take?

It completely depends on the premise size. We can ascertain the time by evaluating the area for service.

How long we have to wait to entire a fumigated area?

 It’s advisable to wait for at least 8 hours, to entire any fumigated area.

Does steam cleaning is effective?

It has proven that steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, viruses and dust mites.

Does Fumigation at the workplace is safe?

Yes! Fumigation at the workplace is entirely safe. However, please follow the instructions given by experts.

How long the deep cleaning procedure take?

Deep cleaning procedure will complete in 2 visits. And approximately it can take 120-150 hours.